About us

Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company (STPC) is located in North East of Persian Gulf in Iran. This company has been stablished in 1998 in Special Economic Zone of Imam Khomeini Port  Fourth Site, at the Province of Khuzestan in about 34 hectares area for producing Purified Therephtalic Acid (PTA) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) .

Following the increase of consumption of PTA and PET in the domestic and foreign markets, in order to fulfill part of our commitment towards the second development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the National Petrochemical Industrial Company constructed STPC with the following aims:

·         Produce raw materials for downstream industries such as textile and packaging industry, and save currency.

·         Compete in global markets and create foreign income.

·         Move towards growing independence and transfer modern technology.

·         Transfer knowledge and educate specialists and professional labor.

·         Create employment opportunities in downstream industries .

·         Contribute effectively to Iran economy and social development.

Pure Terephtalice Acid (PTA) is one of the main raw materials for production of PET. This has extensive applications and consumptions worldwide. PTA is also one of the main types of polyester with wide range of application in POY and Staple for textile industry, bottles, cans, and also used in packaging of food, drugs, health care and plastic films. Its consumption is constantly on rise.

Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company (STPC) is also proud to be active in production of two other important and strategic products of POY and Staple.

Based on company organization chart, 1180 permanent employees were required at the time of start-up, while, further positions were filled by contractors in the privet sector. Furthermore, as a result of this activity, more than 5000 employment position are estimated in downstream industries.

US$774 million and 2085 billion Rials capital were invested in plant contraction and the total amount of the annual product sales was estimated to be over US$ 800 million.

PTA-1 was licensed by Tecnimont-Italy and PET-1 was licensed by Zimmer-Germany. Sazeh and Dilam (S. Korea) were jointly responsible for Engineering and Procurement for PTA-1 and Chegalesh and Zimmer (Germany) for PET-1.

The major construction, installation and pre-start up contracts started from May. 2000 for PTA1 with ECC and Nov. 2000 for PET-1 with QIEC. Despite QIEC leaving the construction and installation project, the project was finalized by Petrobart and Farayand-Kav consortium and later by Ramico Company. 

PTA-2 licence was Japanese company MCC and PET-2 was under Noe Valisina Company, Italy. Tomen, MAI and Chegalesh performed the detail designs and procurement for PTA-2. The detail and procurement for PET-2 were Noe Valicinai -Italy and Namoran

 The major construction, installation and pre-start up contracts was executed from Oct. 2003 for PTA-2 with Industrial Development Network Company. The Iranian companies wholly carried out the construction and installation.