BG 780/800/820 FH

BG 780/800/820  FH

BG 780/800/820 FH

PARS PET BG 780/800/820 (FH)

Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Product Description

PARS PET BG 780/800/820 (FH) are crystalline, high molecular weight thermoplastic polymers made by Continuous melt-phase polymerization process followed by solid-state polymerization. FH (Fast Heat-up or Fast Reheat) products are food grades of PET copolymer modified to improve infrared reheating of preforms. The enhanced energy absorption results in improved temperature control in the process, which in turn leads to improved bottle properties, increased machine output and reduced energy consumption.


BG 780/800/820(FH) are specially formulated bottle grade PET that is characterized by medium I.V.

Benefits for the PET bottle producer

v  Reduced energy costs

v  Higher heating efficiency

v  Wider processing window

v  Increased throughput

v  Complex preform shapes can be processed

Typical Applications

v  Carbonated Soft Drink and Mineral water bottles(BG 800/820)

v  Edible oil, Juice, Sport drinks bottles(BG 800/820)

v  Large size containers(BG 820)

v  Containers for Cosmetics and Households

v  especially suitable for the production of bottles for water(BG 780)


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