TG-640 HB

TG-640  HB

TG-640 HB


Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


Textile Chips (Hombright).

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) has been modified by barium sulfate for optimizing the surface properties of yarn with following advantages during spinning process.

Ø Smoot and steady run at high speed

Ø Less contact but good adhesion to gedots

Ø Less yarn breakage

Ø Less charge

Ø Low abrasion (compared with super bright)

Ø Uniform stretching (highly important for yarn and dying properties)

Chemical composition:

Poly (ethylene terepthalate) from Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA), Ethylene Glycol (EG) and special additive.


Textile chips are mainly used in the production of polyester yarns and filaments.

 Test Method  TG-640 (HB)

 ISO 1628-5   0.64 ± 0.015  dl/g   Intrinsic Viscosity
 ASTM E2409-4   0.9 - 1.4 

 Wt%  DEG Content
 ASTM D6290-5  ≥ 75

 (L*)  Color (CIE Lab)
 ASTM D6290-5  ≤ 4.5

 (b*)  Color (CIE Lab)
 ASTM D7409-7  ≤ 32

 meq/Kg  Carboxyl End Group
 ASTM D3418-3  255 ± 3  

 ºC  Melting Point
 ASTM D6869-3  ≤ 0.3 

 Wt%  Water Content
 ----------------------  2.4 ± 0.1  g/100EA  Chips Weight

Note: 1)  'Water Content' determined before packing.

         2)  'Color' determined after crystallization.

         3)  All presented parameters would be average of lab results.


Storage and Handling

PET resin should be stored in a manner to prevent a direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat. The storage area should also be dry with relative humidity below 50% and temperatures preferably don’t exceed 50 ºC. STPC would not give warranty to bad storage conditions which may lead to quality deterioration such as color change, bad smell and inadequate product performance. It is advisable to process PET within 6 months after delivery. 

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